Reframing Renewal is a multimedia series that looks at the legacy effects of urban renewal in select cities in New York’s Hudson River Valley: Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Peekskill, Newburgh and Albany.

The series intends to capture the story of what happened in the Valley during the urban renewal period, how these projects have altered the social, economic and physical landscapes of each city since their implementation, and most saliently, looks at what reparative work is being done currently to (re)create complete communities. 

Reframing Renewal is built off of a series of articles to be published in ARCHITECT Magazine. Through the articles and complementing visual essays and public events, Reframing Renewal aims to catalyze conversations towards design and policy solutions for each city, and the region as a whole.

Credits: Ben Schulman, writer/series creator; Cameron Blaylock, photographer

Reframing Renewal is a production of The Newburgh Packet. Contact us here.


Kingston, NY.  (Image by Cameron Blaylock.)

Kingston, NY.

(Image by Cameron Blaylock.)